My Training Program

About Myself


I have competed in multiple disciplines of equstrian competition including reining, team sorting, barrel and endurance racing.  I have competed with all kinds of horses from bucking stock horses to ponies.

Most recently, I won the Western Heritage Classic Colt Starting Challenge, USA in Abilene, Texas.  This was my first colt starting competition and I definitely plan on doing more in the future.

I also recently competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover event in Fort Worth, Texas 2016.  Although this was my first time competing in this event, I secured a top ten finish with an impressive 8th place.  In fact, my performance was highlighted in the e-magazine, since I was the only rider/trainer to secure a top 10 ranking as a first time competitor.

I moved to Texas 4 years ago and started TLC Horse Services out of Granbury, Texas offering my clients professional training and farrier services.  Through TLC Horse Services, I focus on inspiring and teaching people how to build a partnership with their horses; a partnership built on mutual respect and trust.  It is this type of partnership that can provide the most rewarding relationship with endless possibilities!


Foundation of the TLC Horse Services Training Program


Whether you send a colt to TLC Horse Services to get started, if you have a specific problem with a horse or if you want to excel in a particular discipline, the training programs that I have developed through the years all start the same.  Each horse will go through a series of groundwork exercises in order to establish respect and control. After the groundwork goals are achieved, we begin to build on speed, control and softness and supplenes. Of course the learning ability of the horse will  determine how long it takes to get through the foundation. After the horse becomes fluent and respectful, we begin the process of preparing them for career. 

Prices for Training


$650 / Mo

Includes the following:

  • 4 weeks of training (worked with 5 days a week)
  • Bored (covered stall with automatic waterer)
  • Owner must provide hay or feed for their horse in training

$800 / Mo

Includes the following:

  • 4 weeks of training (worked with 5 days a week)
  • Bored (covered stall with automatic waterer)
  • Full feed alfalfa hay provided (fed in the morning and evening)

What Happens While Your Horse is in Training ?


While your horse is in training with TLC Horse Services, I will post frequent updates on TLC Horse Services' Facebook page so you can check in on your horse's progress!

Your horse will be fed according to the owner's instructions and will participate in a training session 5 days per week.  Each horse will be turned out each day and pampered with a "private" stall which is cleaned twice each day.

 I HIGHLY recommend you come out and get a few lessons (which are included in the monthly training fee) before you take your horse home.  I also HIGHLY encourage each owner to come out and watch their horse during their training session:  I like the owner to be involved as much as possible in their horse's training so they can continue to move toward their goals when they return home. 

About my Clinics


TLC Horse Services holds several training clinics throughout the year. The clinics are limited to a small group so I can cater to the training needs of all the participants.  

Our clinics are specialized to help the novice rider looking to improve their horsemanship and acquire a more confident seat as well as for riders who want to advance their competitive skills.  TLC Horse Services will soon be offering colt starting clinics.

The primary goal of the clinics is to allow everyone to have fun and feel comfortable to ask questions and work on some of the issues they may be having with their horse.

Please keep checking back or sign up for the TLC Horse Services newsletter to find out when the next clinic will be.  I look forward to working with you and your horse!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  Does TLC Horse Services start groundwork on yearlings? 

 A. Yes, I do many forms of training which are not exclusively limited to riding. 

Q.  Are private lessons available even after you take your horse home?

 A.  Yes, I do offer private riding lessons on your horse.

Q.  Does TLC Horse Services sell horses for owners?

A.  Yes.  TLC Horse Services does broker horses for owners who wish to sell their horse.  

Q.  Does TLC Horse Services have horses for sale?

A.  Yes.  I always have a group of horses for sale for people looking for that perfect partner.  I will be happy to help you find the right horse.