TLC Horse Services Products

If you would like to order a product please text or fill out a contact us form and give description of what you want. Once I receive your order I will gather payment and shipping information. 

Training Halter 8ft



This is the halter I used for the majority of my training it has side rings to assist in colt starting and can be used as a side pull. 

Training Halter 6ft



This halter is a little thinner than the 8ft it is perfect for horses that tend to pull or tend to be a little more difficult, also has side rings. 

Training Lead Rope



This rope has great weight and is perfect for all training and daily needs. 

Performance Reins



I love these reins to tune horses up or take them to the next level in training. 

Long Line


$35.00 each

These long lines are perfect for driving horses and getting young horses use to the bit.

Split Reins



These reins are perfect for training they have great weight in your hands. 

Single Loop Draw Reins



I love these draw reins on young green horses as well as when I am finishing horses. Great  feel in your hand comes in two diffrent thickness 1/2 and 3/8 inch. These are perfect for horses having trouble with collection or when they are ready for the next level.

Split Draw Reins



These are great for setting your horses head while you ride or in the roundpen. 

Grey t-shirts


Grey t-shirts 



Pink tank top



Cream hat 



Pink hat