Farrier Services



I am certified in Advance Farrier Science from the Texas Horseshoeing School in Scurry, Texas. Before becoming a certified farrier, I was an apprentice farrier for several years.  

I have experience with a variety of corrective shoeing and problems such as foundered and navicular horses. I have also worked on performance horses and have experience applying sliders and wedge shoes.


Barefoot Trims

I trim them all big and small! 

I will help you work with your young horses to give them the confidence they need for farrier service!  I also work on livestock and donkeys.  I will cater to all your furry friends.


Cold Shoes

I shoe a variety of horses. 

If your horse needs farrier service for a weekend trail ride or for an upcoming show or competition, TLC Horse Services will get your horse ready.

Price List